LID for Stainless Steel Gastronorm 1/1 (530x325mm)


Looking for a gastronorm cover to insulate your trays and keep food warm for longer? Then this stainless-steel 1/1 gastronorm lid is exactly what you need. Able to fit onto any 1/1 GN tray, the lid is designed to offer optimal heat retention and ensure that your food is served at the perfect temperature. The lid also keeps your ingredients covered to help preserve their freshness, maintaining the taste, consistency and appearance of your food for longer.

And as the lid is made from premium stainless steel, it’s suitable for cooking, reheating, storing, transporting and blast chilling. This allows you to prep, store and cook in a single place.

Plus, the stainless-steel material also makes the lid remarkably durable – guaranteeing a long-lasting life in even the busiest of professional kitchens.

Product features

Dimensions 30(H) x 530(W)mm
Material Stainless Steel
Weight 860g
Colour Silver
Centre handle makes positioning easy
Suitable for storing, cooking, reheating and blast chilling food – all in the same place
Dishwasher safe for quick cleaning
Keeps food hot and fresh for longer
Stainless steel provides excellent durability
Oven and freezer safe for maximum storage flexibility

LID for Stainless Steel Gastronorm 1/1 (530x325mm)

LID for Stainless Steel Gastronorm 1/1 (530x325mm) £7.25

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