10″ Heritage Raised Rim Adapted Plates Blue 253mm (Pack 4)


Designed to make dining easier for those living with dementia or restricted mobility,the Heritage 10″ raised rim plate is tailor-made for care home and institutional use. The deep curved rims allow food to be scooped for easier single-handed eating,ideal for those who may struggle with two-handed cutlery. The double rim adds another touch of usability,creating a well around the edge of the plate to catch dropped food and prevent spills,while also helping users identify the edge of the plate – a common difficulty among dementia sufferers. The bright blue colourway ensures food stands out against the plate for easy identification while the sturdy,weighty design keeps the plate steady for easier use. Essential for maintaining the independence of diners who may struggle with traditional crockery,Heritage is a must for any care home,institution or dementia-friendly catering environment. Stackable and microwave,dishwasher and oven safe.

Product features

Capacity 400ml | 14oz
Dimensions 29(H) x 253(Ø)mm | 1¼(H)” x 10(Ø)”
Material Porcelain
Weight 875g
Colour Blue
Eating surface: 192mm (Ø)
Deep rims for easy scooping
Well around rim to catch dropped food
Blue colourway for easy spotting by dementia patients and the visually impaired
Dishwasher,microwave and oven safe
Covered by lifetime, edge-chip warranty
Fully vitrified porcelain, BS4034 certified suitable for hotel use
Weight 0.875kg for stability
Shape: round
Specially designed for care institution use

10″ Heritage Raised Rim Adapted Plates Blue 253mm (Pack 4)

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10" Heritage Raised Rim Adapted Plates Blue 253mm (Pack 4) £44.48

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