Just for you Individually Wrapped Soap 15g (11p each)


Looking for luxurious toiletries, without breaking the bank? Then the pack of 100 Just for You soap is perfect for you. A cost-effective alternative to buying individual soaps or shower gels, the large pack of 100, 15g bars provides excellent cost-per-use that helps to save you money in the long run!

Designed with a pleasant and subtle fragrance, the soap leaves your guests feeling clean and refreshed after each and every use – contributing to a truly, 5-star experience.

Plus, they’re individually wrapped too! This is vital to reducing bacteria transfer during handling – keeping both your guests and staff safe.

What does it mean to be REACH compliant?

REACH is an EU regulation that seeks to make chemicals commonly used in soaps, gels and other toiletries as safe for human use as possible. Companies manufacturing such products for sale within the EU must prove they are safe, and demonstrate that they will not harm the user if used as advised. These soaps are fully REACH compliant, reducing the likelihood of nasty skin rashes and other ailments improperly tested soaps can cause.

Product Information:

Capacity 20ml
Dimensions 45(H) x 45(W) x 10(D) mm
Weight 15g
Pack quantity of 100 provides excellent cost-efficiency
Compact size is ideal for short-stay guests
REACH compliant
Samples are available on request
Pleasantly fragranced to leave guests clean and refreshed
Individually wrapped design prevents bacteria transfer
Individual wrapping also helps to prevent soap from breaking or crumbling

Just for you Individually Wrapped Soap 15g (11p each)

just for you wrapped soap
Just for you Individually Wrapped Soap 15g (11p each) £10.99

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